At It Only Takes 1, we believe memes are the art of our zeitgeist.

We create ultra-exclusive art pieces that timestamp our era and we utilize the blockchain to sell these moments as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

We then take the proceeds and give people their one shot. What does that mean and how do we do it? Check out the "What's your 1?" page.

Own exclusive art and do some good in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this "One" stuff?
A: It Only Takes 1 founder, Mr. N, has a half-brother (same father) whom was raised by a different family. The brother has been in and out of prison over the years, so Mr. N set out to discover where their paths really detoured. At 17, Mr. N's family bought Mr. N an old Ford Mustang. Mr. N stopped getting into trouble, but Mr. N's brother did not. Mr. N realized that an old Mustang was his fork in the road -- it was his "One."

Q: Why was a car so life altering?
A: Mr. N is a car nut. Having a car to take care of injected responsibility into his world.

Q: Who are Mr. N and Mr M?
A: Some guys. Perhaps famous, perhaps not. Perhaps.

Q: How will you give people their "One?"
A: We'll take reqests. Got an idea for something that would alter your life for the better? Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you. We'll prob post a YT video, but we're not really vloggers.

Q: How many ultra-exclusive memes are there?
A: 10 per series. Just 10. Ever.

Q: Is there a more hardcore flex than artisan memes?
A: No. I repeat, no. This is the hardest hardcore flex/investment "(Inflexment)" on the internet. These aren't starter memes, these are clout finishers. There is no bigger flex.

Follow along with us :)

What's your "1?"

Most people can look back on their life and recall a purchase, expenditure, or item that altered the course of their life. An item that was a game-changer and that caused every following event to be improved. The founders of It Only Takes 1 can relate. For Mr. M it was a massive toy train set. For Mr. N it was an old Ford Mustang. Without these "Ones," Mr. M wouldn't have learned social graces and Mr. N would've lost hope.

Are you at a crossroad in life that you believe one special expenditure can change everything? Sometimes, It Only Takes One... What's your "One?" Please share with us what your "One" is. We'd like to help a deserving few improve their futures.

Criteria: We will respond and ask questions. We will want to meet you. It's difficult to respond to emergencies, so we ask that we not be relied upon in an emergency as our criteria for providing the "One" has many factors requiring extensive research and due diligence.

Please check back!