Thing is an unlabeled pattern.  Thing includes object, action, and idea. 

There are four levels of understanding things:

  1. Level 0) The discoverer is clueless or unaware of the thing's existence.  E can not sense the pattern of the thing from the background noise (An electrical engineering term to describe what a sensory device detects in the absence of a signal). 

  2. Level 1) The discoverer IS aware that the thing is present or happening or that it is not present or happening.  I.e. E is aware of the existence of the thing and whether or not the thing is present.

  3. Level 2A) The discoverer has a label for the thing.  The utility of this label is dependent upon the quantity and quality of other resources and the quantity of people also at level 2A & 2B. 

  4. Level 2B) The discoverer has a quality of understanding that is based on the depth and breadth that one can explain the thing in a spiritual, mental, physical, or social context.  This is the point where most other “Levels of Understanding” exist and are discussed: The four conscious/competent levels, Bloom’s levels, Gardner’s levels, etc..

  5. Level 2 understandings do not have to occur sequentially.  Either one can be present without the other. Not having a Level 2A understanding just makes the thing more cumbersome to discuss.  An individual is at Level 2 when both Level 2A & 2B are understood.

Example: What is that thing called when you shake your arms and legs to music?  Dancing.  (When the questioner remembers the word, dancing, E has gone from Level 1 to Level 2A.

The current thing that Thinking 2.0 is focused on is number sense.