synapse killers


There are theories on how the mind works at the synapse level that attempt to explain behaviors that are externally visible to others.  It does not appear to be a big leap from these theories to believe that in an environment, in which the prerequisites are properly understood and the problem is stated creatively, that students will discover the pattern being taught if the students have enough time and motivation. And when students make these discoveries of patterns on their own, their eyes brighten, they may smile, and it is apparent that something good has happened.  This is what discovery is all about.

The opposite of ‘discovery’ is ‘to be told’ or ‘to be given the answer or explanation’.  This is apparent in a class where students shout out answers (see Story: A Fork In The Road) or are asked to memorize an idea or process that is discoverable.  When anyone gives an answer during another’s discovery the synaptic growth that might have occurred is stopped as the discovery becomes impossible: the new synapse has been killed.  Therefore, warnings are noted in this website when it is possible that ‘synapse killers’ might lurk on the next webpage.