Scaling has occurred when an object’s size has changed relative to an observer without changing the distance from the observer’s eyes. The object may be scaled larger or smaller than actual size. Everyone who has ever watched TV has experienced scaling because the distance from the TV to your eyes is normally constant yet an object’s scaling gives the appearance that it is coming closer to you or going away from. In fact in computer graphics games scaling an object is exactly how the game designer makes it look like an object is getting closer to you or going further away.

Scene 1

Scene 2

The Dash Block in scene 1 is one-half the scale of the Dash Block in scene 2

Scaling is used with subquanning to enable the student to see the entire quantity on the web browser’s window. Often the word ‘normalized’ is used when items of different sizes are all scaled to be the same height and width. An object that is ‘actual size’ is not scaled.