1. 1)Use the symbols 0 thru 9 and other symbols, 

  2. 2)Are almost always adjectives,

  3. 3)Context allows them to be used without nouns (ex: Take five: take five minutes.  It's six: it's six o'clock),

  4. 4)Are used as nouns in mathematics when the focus in on the value and not the noun ( or unit)

The Number Systems Song© & Dance


The Number Systems

One, two, three, and on forever are Natural Numbers

Add a zero to get Whole Numbers

Add a positive or negative sign to get Integers

Put a number up over down to get Rational Numbers

Most radicals, pi, and the like are Irrational Numbers

These are all Real Numbers, except the Imaginary Number, i


2008-Feb– 23 Rambling notes to self

Include rational number stuff on Latin meanings and utility thereof.

Include square root graphic approximation in addition to OOPS work on same topic.

Number line

- The number line is a conceptual visualization of how numbers are physically related to one another.

- A number line ideally represents an unassigned dimension.

- Number lines represent dimensions of ideas that can be measured or counted.  The ideal number line represents the dimension of numbers.

I've just listened to the millidiem. Cool. Reminds me of Purcell (English Renaissance), Handel (German/English Baroque), and Terry Riley (American contemporary). It invites musical elaboration and invention.”

- Randall Davidson composer. publisher. producer.