Subquan (sub'-kwän) is the ability to perceive at a glance a quantity much LARGER than seven by organizing the items into rows, columns, and containers.  (From the Latin: subitas quantitas)

This is an examination of the validity that learning numbers by subquanning, rather than counting items, leads to a vastly superior number sense.

Humans can subitize around seven items. Organizing these items into two columns makes it easy to subitize slightly larger values and differentiate even numbers from odd numbers. The digits zero to nine are easy to subitize this way without a container.

Containers within containers enable us to subquan up to thousands and possibly higher. The limit appears to be our field of vision and our ability to discern small items in very large groupings. Containers have an inherent attribute of fullness. The concept of fullness will become the foundation for place value.  Changing container size leads to the concept of base number systems and the discovery of multiples and factors.  The ability to subquan is achieved when an individual can determine the number of a quantity quickly, accurately, and confidently.  Subquan training involves multiple number systems (especially base-10 because of its universal usage, base-2 because of computers and numeric efficiency, base-5 because of hands & coins.)

Discover how fast you can subquan using the free exercises on this website.

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