Tell me little One, how did you learn your numbers?

Well, I learned them by counting.

Do you know why you learned the numbers by counting?

That’s the way everybody learns their numbers.

Now you’ve fallen into a very dangerous hole.  It’s a meme that almost everybody believes because there have been thousands of children’s books written that teach numbers by counting and families across the world have been doing so for millenniums. I’ve been looking for the hole that corrupts number sense all my life, intensively for the last eight years, and I finally found it: counting!

I would like to continue this story at a later time due to the importance of the holes I have discovered. If you follow the next link it will take you to a fork in the road. Unfortunately my research is still continuing and I don’t have the discovery branch developed. If you are NOT a little One then I would encourage you to go ahead and take the Show & Tell branch. if you are a little One then please come back and visit when the discover path leads to number sense.